Uncertainty makes humans anxious, however, is there anything certain other than death and taxes in this life. We are in the most challenging times most of us have ever lived through. We must persevere. Times like these challenge our faith in each other, life and the universe. My advise is to stay in the moment. Eastern religions and philosophy has embraced this for centuries. Most of our anxiety stems from fear of the unknown future, but, our future is and has always been unknown. All we know for sure is now, and if we ruin today worrying about tomorrow what a missed opportunity. Make the most of now, today, do something positive for yourself and others. Take a walk, meditate, pray, help a friend encourage others to join you. We have just as much potential now as we had 5 years or 100 years ago. Turn off the T.V. and radio and focus on life all around you where you can have a positive effect.

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