Hi Hans!

I saw you for a few appointments in the summer of 2006 (James Y. had recommended you to me), and I’m sure you don’t know this, but you literally changed my life. I came to you with major back spasms – nearly debilitating – at the ripe old age of 30. You asked me a lot of questions about the stress in my life, to which the answers were predictable. I was working with an abusive boss in an incredibly stressful job – so stressful in fact that I was literally sick to my stomach every single day going to work. You adjusted me and prescribed a number of pills, but you noted that I might want to re-think my career situation. The week after I saw you, my husband echoed your words when he insisted that I quit my job (I’d been with the company nearly 9 years!). I did just that a few weeks later.

I basically took the entire next year off – although I still worked full-time, I did so on my own terms on a part-time basis for multiple companies, as well as throwing in some freelance work here and there. After 9 months, I began to pursue my re-entry into the corporate world. What I found was an incredible company that offered me a situation where I can work from home with flexible hours…which is perfect given that when I was recruited, I was 11 weeks pregnant! That was last November. My husband and I now have a beautiful 6 month old little boy named Zack (see attached!) and my life is just about perfect.

I never got the chance to REALLY thank you for fixing my back, or for that wake-up call. For you to have spent 10 minutes with me and been able to see how dire the situation was, it must have been pretty bad! I credit your insight and caring spirit for allowing you to call the severity of my situation to my attention. So THANK YOU for changing my life.



13 years ago a friend recommended that I go see Hans because I was struggling with some pain after a car accident. At the time, Wakeman Chiropractic was located at the Sage Hill shopping center and Emma was a teeny little baby – and the only Wakeman baby. It was the beginning of a very important relationship in my life – though I didn’t know it at the time. Hans has taken care of my physical and mental health, made me laugh and let me cry, and become a very important friend.

Over the years at Hans’ suggestions, I have visited Harold (remember the shower?), taken any number of supplements (still don’t like to chew them up, though), tried to avoid wheat, caffeine, high heels, and Western medicine (with varying success), and on and on. And did I mention that Hans cheerfully adjusts my aging black lab? I am moving out of state soon but entrust my well-being to Hans wherever I reside. I will not say goodbye to Hans because I will not leave someone so important to me. Thank you for everything.

-Jennifer C.