Spring Cleaning Time…Again

Hey out there to anyone reading, it’s detox time again. Time to throw out the garbage, prune the plants and generally clear space for renewal and new growth. Of course I am specifically speaking about the body. I am in constant amazement when it comes to the human body’s ability to renew, heal and change. I also feel and see learning each and every year I come back to cleansing. This year I am profoundly interested in our emotional and mental connection to our habits with certain foods or beverages. I also have been contemplating the more spiritual aspects and the ability to give up our strong hold on all these physical attachments. Now I am not suggesting we have to give up food. I am simply observing how controlled our lives become by our habits. I am feeling refreshed and vital as a result of my diligence to the process. Join me and start a cleansing program today. If you are an old pro you know what to do, if you are a beginner and need assistance please feel free to call the office and I will give you plenty of information. Be well!

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