Here at Wakeman Chiropractic & Healing Center, we have many different services to fit your specific needs. Whether you are experiencing back pain, feeling out of alignment, or are just looking to improve your health, we can help.

To assist all of our patients, we offer the following services:

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the philosophy that the universe and the body are opposing forces. The constant flow of energy keeps them balanced. When the flow of energy is blocked, illness will occur. Acupuncture therapy will release blocked energy, resolve the pain, and improve sleep, digestive functions, and sense of well-being.

Detoxification Programs
Purification can assist you in removing toxins from your body. This will also help you maintain a healthy weight. Every single person is exposed to external toxins every single day. Some of these include pollutants, pesticides, and chemicals. Inside of our bodies, toxins produce waste byproducts and can cause our metabolic functions not working properly. Our body goes on overdrive and is not able to get rid of all of these toxins.

Chiropractic Care
It is our number one goal to have you healthy as quickly as possible. Every time that you enter our doors, we will evaluate how the last session went so that every appointment is a step in the right direction. No matter how you hurt yourself, we will find a comfortable way to safely help you.

Massage Therapy
There are many reasons patients come to us for massage therapy. Whether you were injured during an auto accident, playing a sport, or a work related incident, we are here to alleviate any discomfort you may have. Our entire staff is dedicated to improving your health. Our compassionate and educated chiropractors will work with you every step of the way. Results of an injury can vary from person to person, so it is important to speak with our wonderful staff to see how we can help you. Our number one goal is to help you feel like yourself again.

If you have any questions about the services that we provide our patients, please contact us today at (404) 364-0900.