A dear friend of mine from Chiropractic school just had a heart attack. I was in shock at first and then gradually accepted that even chiropractors have health problems. Which brings me to the topic of prevention. I know that bad things sometimes happen to good people, but I also know that we all can lapse in our lifestyle choices. The point is, as most of you know, once we are in a crisis it is to late for prevention. So fortunately for us, my friend survived his crisis and can now work on the future. The rest of us may not have this luxury. I have been living and working in a profession that is prevention oriented and still become complacent at times. I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone just how important health choices are. Order the salad and not the fries, take the spot farthest from the store instead of the closest, take that extra day off from work and enjoy friends and family. I can definitely be a lot more specific clinically for each of you, but I believe I’ve made my point. Don’t wait until you have a health crisis start being proactive.

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