Otis Thomas D.C.- My Hero

No doubt most of you who have been around me at any length have heard me speak of Otis. He is an extraordinary person and chiropractor. He has been my mentor since prior to birth, as he was adjusting my parents before I was even born. He is healing in human form. He heals through all the usual ways humor, compassion, empathy, diet, exercise, adjusting and educating on better lifestyle. He also possesses that intangible mystery of making one feel better by their presence alone. This is something we all sense around people who are truly healing. I have been told I have this trait as well, if that’s true then I can only give credit to those who have loved, taught and nurtured me along my journey. As far as chiropractic goes Dr. Otis has been the genesis in our family and for me as a practitioner. I am writing about Otis because he has been in my thoughts constantly since I got word he had to have emergency surgery for an obstructed colon. He was working up until the week before this incident at 88 years old. At this time he is recovering well, but at his age who knows what the outcome will ultimately be. As I shared with a fellow chiropractor and Otis fan, I think we are freaked out because if Otis has to stop working and eventually dies that means it could happen to us. Dr. Otis just has that ability to seem immortal as do many highly evolved humans. My prayers include peace for his family and a speedy recovery for him. Whatever the future holds Dr. Otis Thomas has a great legacy and I am proud to be a part of that.

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