Life is in the moment!

Life is what is happening in the now. I know most of you can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed, overcommitted, and tired. I was having one of those days recently and had a mini breakthrough. Instead of focusing on all the noise and lists I carry around in my head, I chose to focus only on what was in front of me. In this case, I was doing lawn work. I know how dumb or simple this may sound, but it is not easy to achieve. Not only did I put to rest the long list of things I was not attending to at the office or inside the house, I did not even allow myself to look around at the rest of the yard. This only left one thing to focus on and that was the grass and weeds in front of me. So I committed all my attention on doing the very best job I could do on that task and the amazing part is just how rewarding it was. I felt very connected to the task and when it was over I felt like I really did the job justice. Now don’t misunderstand! I realize cutting grass may not be considered fun, but there was a true sense of completion. I think we miss countless oppurtunities everyday by not focusing on what is in front of us We may not do as good of a job and we certainly don’t feel as if we have accomplished anything because we are busy thinking about all the things we have not done yet. Another place in my life I get to witness this over and over again is volleyball. In volleyball most points are achived in a three step process consisting of a pass, a set, and a spike. Like in life it is very temptng to jump ahead in the sequence in your mind and lose focus. The better each step in the sequence is executed the more likely you will achieve success. Also it opens more possibilities as the ame continues. Now let’s bring all of this back around to your health. If you want to achieve and/ or maintain a high level of health you must pay attention to all the details that lead to better health, such as healthy eating habits, exercise, good relationships, etc. When we pay attention and make the right choices along the way there is a great sense of accomplishment in the small wins and in the long run we maintain more options in our life and we are not restricted by poor health.

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