In a sea of toxins

Just wanted to take a moment to remind or educate people about the dangers of heavy metals. They are becoming a major health problem for many people. In Alzheimer’s disease there have been cases with high concentrations of aluminum in brain tissue, as an example. Heavy metals attach to the cell wall throughout the body and can cause malfunction and/or pathology. We come into contact with these metals (aluminum, mercury, cadmium etc.) in many areas of our daily lives such as deodorants, canned tuna, vaccinations, pesticides, and now even in our water table. So first and foremost, remove and eliminate as many of these products and exposures in your daily life. Second, do periodic cleansing and detoxify by eating a very simple plant based diet with lots of fresh green vegetable juices. You can also do some infra red saunas, ionic footbaths, epsom salt baths, and lymphatic massages. Health takes mindfulness throughout your life, so pay attention to even the little things like heavy metals and your body will show you gratitude.

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