Eat Your Fruit and Veges

I know how tired the expression diet and exercise has become and how uninspired it seems, however, the health ramifications are paramount. In our society of technology and advancement, diet and exercise seems antiquated. Working in health care for well over 20 years and living in a body close to a half century I can attest that nothing can come close to the long-term benefits of a sound healthy diet and reasonable exercise program. As some of you may know, I have started utilizing a technology that tests the skin for the presence of carotinoids in the skin through laser technology. This piece of equipment is called a Bio photonic scanner and correlates with the level of active anti-oxidants in our body. Anti-oxidants are known to protect our cells from free radicals that interfere with normal cell function and replication that ultimately leads to aging and disease processes. These anti-oxidants are found primarily in fruits and vegetables and particularly in the ones with the most color such as blue berries, red peppers etc. As with all research surrounding health the story continues to unfold, but what we know is that people with high levels of anti-oxidants do not have cancer or many other diseases. So equipped with this basic understanding it seems relevant to know what your status or level of anti-oxidants are. I personally did not have high enough levels to be considered healthy to my surprise. So I got very serious about eating more foods with high levels of anti-oxidants and got more serious about my supplementation. I have over the period of the last few months seen a steady improvement in my numbers and can feel the results. I see this technology becoming as common as having your blood pressure or cholesterol monitored. This is a wonderful way to track just how well we are doing with our diet. It is a way for those of us who are working at our health to grade just how well we are doing. I only charge $20 for the first scan and nothing for follow-ups. My fee is only to cover the cost of the equipment. I strongly recommend this simple test so if need be you can get to work on improving your diet and supplementation. I would like to share one observation I have made since I started testing. What I have noticed is that plant-based diet people generally score much higher.( your vegetarians and vegans) While I don’t believe we must all be vegetarians, I do think most of us eat too much meat, dairy and grain that don’t contribute much to our anti-oxidant levels and, in fact, compete with fruits and veges in our caloric intake.

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