Back to school!

For those of us with kids it’s back to school. A faster pace and lots more organization to get everything done. This can and does translate in some sense to everyone, as the so called “lazy days of summer” are coming to an end. As a chiropractor, I am particularly interested in organization, as it pertains to the human body. The nervous system is the organizing force in the body. As we begin to focus more on organizing our lives give thanks to your nervous system for carrying out millions of tasks in the body all day every day. Remember the nervous system needs to be nourished, have consistent exercise, proper stimulation and rest. The major premise of chiropractic has always been to keep the nervous system clear, so it may in turn deliver the vital life force and innate intelligence to all parts of the body. If you find you are out of balance structurally, chemically and/or emotionally these are reflected in your nervous system and expressed in your body. So, as you organize your schedules, don’t forget to keep your body fine tuned to maximize your performance.

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