Healing Crisis

      Coping with middle-age degeneration seems to be in the air recently. I have seen several otherwise healthy middle-aged clients in crisis this past couple of weeks. Specifically, disc herniations have been frequent. I am not sure exactly why now, maybe because of the spring weather and increased activity or the increase pressure due to the end of the school year. What I do know is that chiropractic is one of the best approaches to working through the crisis. The other thing I know is that these storms do pass. It may try your patience and take you to the edge of your breaking point. Seeing people over the span of a lifetime I have seen and heard about many such healing crisis. So if you or someone you know is having one, show great compassion and gently remind them that this too will pass and they must dig deep and persevere.


Change is Good

Change and transition have been an ongoing topic as of late( can't imagine why). I find change most unsettling and even frighting at times, but it's one sure thing we can count on in life. As we start to embrace change and not resist it a funny thing happens, excitment and creativity emerge. What, you may ask, does this have to do with chiropractic or health? Everything! When you get adjusted we are making changes in your physiology and the longer things have been one way the harder it is to make this change. The same can be said for changes in diet, weight, thoughts and emotional patterns. Although making changes in these parts of your life may at first be scary they can be rewarding and even exciting.


Sleep Better

The other day I was speaking to a friend and remembered that she sometimes has difficulty sleeping. I shared with her one of my favorite natural products for sleep called Tranquil Sleep made by Natural Factors that has worked very well for my clients as well as for my son and mother. The supplement is a chewable tablet which makes it easy for anyone to take even weenies that have a hard time with pills. Sleep problems have many different causes and you should explore the causes and work on them. One should not take this product if you are taking an antidepressant because the 5-HTP in the product effects serotonin levels.


Home Remedy for Sinus Infections

Julie M.came in today with a splitting headache and sinus infection. In addition to a great chiropractic adjustment, I also shared one of my favorite home remedies: garlic. You simply take a fresh clove of garlic and chop it in large pieces and place it in a few ounces of drinking water and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then use an eyedropper and while lying on your back dispense a dropperful up each nostril (one at a time). Oh what a feeling! Years ago I saw a young woman who had taken 5 rounds of antibiotics with cortisone spray to no avail and the garlic did the trick. Garlic is some powerful stuff.

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