A dear friend of mine from Chiropractic school just had a heart attack. I was in shock at first and then gradually accepted that even chiropractors have health problems. Which brings me to the topic of prevention. I know that bad things sometimes happen to good people, but I also know that we all can lapse in our lifestyle choices. The point is, as most of you know, once we are in a crisis it is to late for prevention. So fortunately for us, my friend survived his crisis and can now work on the future. The rest of us may not have this luxury. I have been living and working in a profession that is prevention oriented and still become complacent at times. I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone just how important health choices are. Order the salad and not the fries, take the spot farthest from the store instead of the closest, take that extra day off from work and enjoy friends and family. I can definitely be a lot more specific clinically for each of you, but I believe I've made my point. Don't wait until you have a health crisis start being proactive.


Ear Infections

     The power of the chiropractic adjustment is very evident in young children with ear infections. My own personal experience was solidified about 16 years ago with my own daughter. She was up most of the night screaming and crying. So being the good and inexperienced parents we were, we went straight to the emergency room. Once there we were congratulated and informed of her first ear infection and just how life threatening they can be. ( honest not a dramatization) After returning home sleepy and disoriented I still managed to adjust my 5 month old. We then all fell into a deep slumber. When we awoke, we realized our daughter was sleeping peacefully. After that experience, I became an expert at adjusting little ones with ear infections and almost every time it is like magic. If the child has been on the antibiotic roller coaster for weeks than it sometimes takes a little more effort and time. 




     Uncertainty makes humans anxious, however, is there anything certain other than death and taxes in this life. We are in the most challenging times most of us have ever lived through. We must persevere. Times like these challenge our faith in each other, life and the universe. My advise is to stay in the moment. Eastern religions and philosophy has embraced this for centuries. Most of our anxiety stems from fear of the unknown future, but, our future is and has always been unknown. All we know for sure is now, and if we ruin today worrying about tomorrow what a missed opportunity. Make the most of now, today, do something positive for yourself and others. Take a walk, meditate, pray, help a friend encourage others to join you. We have just as much potential now as we had 5 years or 100 years ago. Turn off the T.V. and radio and focus on life all around you where you can have a positive effect.


Change of seasons

     We are in the midst of the transition between summer and fall. If you observe nature, dramatic changes are afoot with grass and plants withering, leaves changing color, as well as temperature and humidity declines. Yet most of us pay no attention to the changes that are taking place in our bodies. Our mucus membranes are changing to accomadate for the change in the seasons. We are expending extra energy making these changes and consequently we are more vulnerable to things such as viruses, bacteria, and allergies. So in light of these changes, we should support our body by staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest, eating well, and taking extra vitamin C, echinasea, astragalus etc. Be diligent and care for your body and you may just avoid illness and symptoms that are so prevalent this time of year.


Back to school!

    For those of us with kids it's back to school. A faster pace and lots more organization to get everything done. This can and does translate in some sense to everyone, as the so called "lazy days of summer" are coming to an end. As a chiropractor, I am particularly interested in organization, as it pertains to the human body. The nervous system is the organizing force in the body. As we begin to focus more on organizing our lives give thanks to your nervous system for carrying out millions of tasks in the body all day every day. Remember the nervous system needs to be nourished, have consistent exercise, proper stimulation and rest. The major premise of chiropractic has always been to keep the nervous system clear, so it may in turn deliver the vital life force and innate intelligence to all parts of the body. If you find you are out of balance structurally, chemically and/or emotionally these are reflected in your nervous system and expressed in your body. So, as you organize your schedules, don't forget to keep your body fine tuned to maximize your performance.