Does Milk Make Strong Bones?

We see advertisements that milk strengthens our bones and teeth.  This does seem logical since milk has 300 mg per cup of calcium in it.  The problem is milk has an acidifying effect on the body that robs us of our calcium stores.  The acid-alkaline balance is critical to maintaining health.  We have a tendency in our Western Culture to eat and drink way too many acidifying foods like milk, breads and meats.  We also drink carbonated beverages that not only have incredible amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners but phosphorylating agents that help to neutralize the carbonic acid to give you the fizz.  These phosphorylating agents also rob us of our calcium stores.

     You can consider milk and carbonated beverages to be bone thieves.  If you remove the calcium from the bone to neutralize the acidity you caused through diet, you remove the integrity of the bone itself.  Also remember that many people have intolerances to milk, including lactose intolerances. Cow's milk is highly treated to get rid of bacteria by heating.  This destroys the enzymes that make it digestible in the first place.  This also makes it a mucus former in the body.

     Let's go back and take a deeper look at calcium itself.  It is a potent neutralizer of acids and that is why the body pulls it out of the bone to neutralize acidic foods.  It is also why it is a main ingredient in many antacid formulas people buy OTC (over the counter)  or in prescription drugs.

     Milk, soda and other acidifying foods cause a fire to rage in the body.  Calcium is one of the fire-fighting agents your body's natural defenses use to put out the fire. Your body jumps into action and uses calcium to put out the acidic attack. The end result is, even though milk contains calcium, the net result is a calcium deficiency in your bones.              


In a sea of toxins

    Just wanted to take a moment to remind or educate people about the dangers of heavy metals. They are becoming a major health problem for many people. In Alzheimer's disease there have been cases with high concentrations of aluminum in brain tissue, as an example. Heavy metals attach to the cell wall throughout the body and can cause malfunction and/or pathology. We come into contact with these metals (aluminum, mercury, cadmium etc.) in many areas of our daily lives such as deodorants, canned tuna, vaccinations, pesticides, and now even in our water table. So first and foremost, remove and eliminate as many of these products and exposures in your daily life. Second, do periodic cleansing and detoxify by eating a very simple plant based diet with lots of fresh green vegetable juices. You can also do some infra red saunas, ionic footbaths, epsom salt baths, and lymphatic massages. Health takes mindfulness throughout your life, so pay attention to even the little things like heavy metals and your body will show you gratitude.


Holiday Blues

Avoid the holiday blues by not letting your diet and exercise routine completely collapse. Over eating and having way too much sugar and alcohol can really make your body and therefore, your brain feel the blues. If you are over 40 you should really be taking enzymes with most meals, but especially holiday type meals that are rich and processed. Our ability to completely digest our food is of utmost importance and helps to create a net gain out of most meals. When digestion is incomplete, it is very easy to end up losing energy when we eat a meal. In a short time we can become lethargic and more depressed. Remember the season is about giving and sharing of yourself and if you are down it is difficult to participate. Have wonderful holidays and take care of yourselves.



It's all a process. Health and healing as well as disease is all a process and goes in phases. For that matter most things in life are a process from relationships to career. So to see getting adjusted as a one time event that will "fix" the problem is a bit short sighted. Seeing a chiropractor or other health practitioner is a process that evolves and changes over time. What you need help with today will surely change in years to come and involvement will vary depending on many factors such as age, stress, genetic factors and activity levels. We are all guilty of making a to do list and striking off things completed, however, health, like life is never off the list so make friends with the process.


Be Immuno-aggressive!

I know I have already started talking about the change of seasons and the body's adaptation, however, now we are there and starting to see lots of people getting sick. I have found through the years that early and aggressive treatment is the way to go with viruses and infections. Many of you already know my favorite formulas are virex, ilex #15, immunoplus and total bac-t and I prescribe massive doses the first day. Some of you may already have your favorite formulas the same principle applies. The key is enough rest, proper hydration and knowing your body well enough to notice the early signs of coming down with something. Be proactive and don't lose days of work and play. The beauty of natural health is that none of these remedies have side effects, so the worst thing that can happen is you waste a few bucks. Stay well!